Bunch 2.0 | FAQ

Bunch 2.0 | FAQ

Last edited @March 13, 2023

Thank you for sharing your love for Bunch 1.0, and your feedback for the update over the past few days 🙏 ❤️. We’re listening to all of your feedback - and wanted to share some updates and clarifications below.

What’s new with Bunch 2.0? 🤔

We realize this is big change! Bunch is still a place where your friends are a few taps away, helps you come together when you’re physically apart - and share fun games and experiences. In Bunch 2.0 - we’ve introduced a metaverse, where you can still hang out with friends and play games - but now you can express yourself in new ways, make new friends and connect with your communities outside of your home. The Bunch metaverse is still in its early stages, but it is the foundation on which we will introduce many more experiences over the next few months.

Can I still group video chat with friends and play games?

Yes! Bunch still works the same way:

  • Your friends get notified when you are online, and can easily join you
  • You can wave to invite them, or join them when they are online
  • You can also lock your room so they have to knock before they can join
  • You can group video chat when friends join you, and expand the video whenever you like
  • You can tap the video overlay to expand for a full-screen video experience when you like
  • You can hit the game button and launch your favorite games with your party from Bunch 1.0 like Mars Dash, Flappy, Hoops and more.

We can’t video chat while we’re playing the games any more! 🕹

In just a few weeks - we are going to be launching the Bunch Video Overlay feature which will let you video chat while playing games like Mars Dash and Hoops! Even better, this feature will allow you video chat while playing any of your games on the App Store like Roblox, Minecraft and Among Us.

Why do I keep getting banned? 😭

If a Bunchie receives multiple reports from many people that they’re violating community guidelines, their account may be temporarily banned.

If you receive a ban, you’ll have to wait for the time period stated in the notification to be unbanned. We’re constantly improving our banning system to catch bad actors and make Bunch a fun and safe place everyone!

A user keeps harassing me with different accounts!

During this time, the best way to resolve this and also help keep our community safe is to 1) Mute 2) Block and Report. Unfortunately, here isn't a way for us to identify if a user uses more than one account at this time. However, in our future model, we will be able to couple all accounts that a user creates and take the proper actions!

Why can’t I keep tapping the wave icon for friends to join? 🧐

The wave feature is intentionally designed to be mindful of spamming another Bunchie as we experienced multiple complaints about notification overload. However, there is a 60 second cool down between attempts, so you can wave at your friends again after the time period.

Why do we have to download games to play?

To ensure a more stable experience while playing our games (no more black screen! 🙂) - we ONLY require a one time download for Mars Dash (94MB) and Bunch Party Pack (140MB) that comes with your favorite games like Flappy, Hoops, Draw Party, Trivia and Crazy Cards. Once downloaded, joining these games with friends from Bunch is as easy as it was before.

The app takes too long to load!⏱

Our team is actively working on improving the load time. We are also working on an update - where your friends tab, notifications, and even video chat will become available right away, even when the metaverse is loading on the background.

How are you ensuring safety in public spaces?

We take the safety of our community very seriously ⁠— and have already implemented features such as making reporting and blocking, and have automated moderation systems in place that allows us to identify toxic users and disable their accounts. You can view a summary of our community guidelines here: 👉 Instagram Highlight Series “Safety”.

We plan to add the following safety features over the next few months:

  • Age verification to limit access to public spaces, and improve match-making.
  • Ability to set your account private, to limit interactions with new people
  • Parental controls to lock the privacy settings of a Bunch user

How do you ensure a safe and non-toxic environment on Bunch?

We take the safety of our community very seriously! You can easily mute, report or block users on Bunch, by tapping on their avatar (see below). We also have automated moderation capabilities that identifies toxic users, and suspends their accounts.

We plan to add the following safety features over the next few months to ensure even a safer environment on Bunch:

  • Age verification to limit access to public spaces, and improve match-making.
  • Ability to set user accounts private, to limit interactions and friending with new people
  • Parental controls to lock the privacy settings of a Bunch user

Why can’t we keep Bunch 1.0 and 2.0 as separate apps?

As a small team with limited resources - it is difficult for us to focus on and maintain two applications that largely do similar things.

However, our goal is to make it convenient to connect with your friends in just a few taps, video chat and hang out - while also introducing a digital world that makes it fun and creative to explore with friends, and meet new people!

Why can’t we log back in with the same email that we signed up with in the past?

If you signed up with an email and signed out of your account, unfortunately we aren’t able to provide a way to log back through the same method. At this time, we do not email authentication as an option and we deeply apologize for the inconvenience.