Bunch Presence

Bunch Presence

Bunch Presence allows your players to notify their social connections on Bunch when they play your game to maximize their chances of playing together, thus unlocking the full value of the Platform for both themselves and your game.

Linking Bunch Accounts with Your Game

Bunch Presence is enabled when players link their existing Bunch accounts with your game. Typically this happens automatically the first time an existing Bunch user opens a game from Bunch which has integrated our platform.

Once a Bunch user's account is linked, the next time they open your game they have access to an intuitive and powerful system to update and share their Bunch Status relative to your game on the Bunch network:


Bunch users have control over how they share their Bunch Status by choosing a status mode:

Bunch Status Modes:

  • Private Mode - Bunch Status is shared, but Bunch friends have to knock and be admitted by a party participant before they can join the player's party. This is the default mode.
  • Party Mode - Bunch Status is shared, and Bunch friends can join the player's party right away.
  • Invisible Mode - No Bunch Status updates are shared with the Bunch Network and the player appears as 'Offline.'

Driving Traffic and Discovery for Your Game

When players update their Bunch Status, notifications related to your game are sent to their friends on the Bunch network via the Bunch app.

Because one of the primary user facing value props for Bunch is connecting people in real time so they can party up and play together, the Bunch community has a high propensity to enable and respond to our notifications.

Furthermore, a user's status and activity related to your game are displayed in multiple surface areas within the Bunch app itself, for example the Friends Tab (pictured above in the image on right), all of which contain clear calls to action that drive people back to your game.

When friends respond to a Bunch user's status updates, they are first taken to a Bunch party inside of the Bunch app associated with the user's game session. The Bunch Party contains a button to open or download your game based on whether friends have your game installed on their device:


For people who already have your game installed on the their device, when they tap "Join Game" they jump seamlessly into the game session associated with the Bunch user's status update. For people who do not have your game yet, Bunch guides them through the download process before dropping them into the game session. Regardless of whether friends open or download your game, the Bunch Party is active and encourages people to complete the flow.

Because Bunch traffic and discovery are fueled by organic community activity around multiplayer gaming such as partying up with friends or looking for people to play with, the social loops are sustainable and valuable for both your players and your game.

You do not need to program any platform functionality specific to Bunch Presence; it's handled automatically for you by the Bunch Platform.