Party Reservation

Party Reservation allows you to programmatically provision Bunch parties for a specific multiplayer game sessions, effectively enabling your players to create and join parties from within your game.

Reserving Parties

Party Reservation allows you to programmatically provision a Bunch party on behalf of your players. When your game detects players are in or about to initiate a multiplayer game session, you can make a call to our platform to reserve an associated Bunch party for that game session.

Once a party has been reserved, you can prompt players to join the party with the built-in platform dialogs, e.g.:


While the Bunch Platform includes these player-facing platform to guide players through the partying up process, you can also opt to handle Bunch platform callbacks to display your own custom player-facing prompts that match your game's aesthetic. The key thing is Party Reservation provides a complete and easy way to party up, but also gives you flexibility to adapt it to your game.

Bunch Platform's player-facing dialogs are in English only at this time, but there are plans to add other languages in the future.

Guest Experience

When your players party up, they can do so quickly and easily without ever having to install or register for Bunch.

They just use the Guest Experience which guides them through picking a Bunch name (which you can optionally pre-fill from your game) and granting the microphone system level permission on behalf of your game (if not already granted) before dropping them seamlessly into the voice party:


If you have set the Party Type for your game to Voice and Video, players can optionally enable their camera through the Control Panel in the Expanded State of the Overlay. And with that, your players have access to voice and video chat without ever having to leave your game!

Fostering Social Connections to Drive Re-Engagement

When players finish a game session and leave the party, the Bunch Platform displays a platform dialog encourage them to connect on Bunch so they can more easily party up and play together again in the future:


When players make these social connections and connect their Bunch accounts with your game it increases the potential for driving social traffic to your game through Bunch Presence and Player Matching.

Best Practices for Party Reservation

(Placeholder for showing examples of custom dialogs in a game's specific aesthetic and other ways devs prompt players to add/join parties.)

Learn more about how to implement Party Reservation in the Technical Implementation Guide.