Bunch Party Kit

Bunch Party Kit

The Bunch Developer Platform allows you to integrate voice and video chat into your games for free, while driving social traffic to your game through friends and communities on Bunch.

How it works

Bunch Overlay Allows your players to voice and video chat via Bunch Overlay natively inside your game while they play together.
Party Reservation Programmatically provision a Bunch party for a game session, so players can talk without having to install Bunch or run it in the background.
Bunch Presence Allows players to link their Bunch accounts with your game, so their Bunch friends are notified when they play - maximizing their chances of playing with friends.
Player Matching Allows players who launch your game from a Bunch party to automatically match up inside your game, without having to exchange game codes or invite links.

Getting Started

Bunch Party Kit is currently only available to select partners. For early access contact us at developers@bunch.live.