Bunch Developer Platform
Bunch Developer Platform

Bunch Developer Platform

What is Bunch?

Bunch is a party app and developer platform for multiplayer games. The Bunch Developer Platform allows you to integrate voice and video chat into your games for free, while driving social traffic to your game through friends and communities on Bunch.


Introduction to the Bunch Developer Platform:

Why Integrate the Bunch Platform with Your Game

Bunch helps you increase engagement by adding high quality voice and video chat in your game through a complete party platform that is:

  • intuitive for your players to use
  • easy for your teams to integrate
  • gives you the flexibility and tools to create the optimal party experience.

Unlike building your own in-game chat systems, the Bunch experience also persists outside your game through the Bunch app which is specifically designed to drive players and their friends back to your game. If Bunch friends or fellow community members don't have your game, the Bunch app guides them through the install process before dropping them into the game session to maximize their chances of playing together. The result: valuable, sustainable social loops based on the organic community activity that already exist around multiplayer games.

Product Guide

Bunch Party Kit

Bunch Party Kit is designed to provide an intuitive and rewarding party experience that players love, while giving developers a seamless, integrated social layer that drives measurable value for their games. Party Kit is comprised of four distinct component services that combine to provide a complete party platform and are packaged together in an SDK which will be available for iOS, Android, and Unity starting in October 2021.

To learn more about how the Platform works please explore its main components listed below. Click on each card below to open a page with more detailed description.

Bunch Party Kit components


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Does Bunch Overlay interfere with gameplay?
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What is the impact of Bunch on my game's performance?
What are the minimum device OS requirements for Bunch Party Kit?
The Overlay doesn’t render correctly on Android

Technical Implementation Guide

To learn how to integrate Bunch Party Kit into your game, follow the implementation guide and SDK reference.

Bunch Party Kit Integration Guide

Bunch Investors & Partners

Bunch is funded by some of the most successful developers of multiplayer games from all across the globe.

Bunch Investors & Partners