Integration overview


In addition to making the experience better for people coming to play your game from Bunch (as described in

section) you should also consider integrating Bunch into your game, allowing all of your players (regardless if they already are Bunch users or not) to easily connect with friends and have better experience when playing together. When combined it can be a powerful way to leverage the Bunch platform to bring people and their friends to your game more frequently and for longer - regardless if the party connect inside Bunch app or inside your game first.

Integration options

Bunch Platforms offer different ways for game developers to integrate Bunch experience into their games, from including a simple link to a Bunch Game Hub in your game to integrating Bunch SDK. The list below gives an overview of available options with links to more detailed documentation for each.

Game Hub link
is the easiest way to integrate Bunch by simply linking from your game to its Game Hub on Bunch.
Party Button
allows your players to easily start a Bunch party and come back to play your game with their friends.
Chat Button
is similar to the Party Button; it allows players to start a group chat on Bunch.
Bunch SDK
integration brings the full Bunch Party experience to your game, allowing your players to create and join parties without having to leave your game or even have the Bunch app installed on their devices.