Setting up attribution

Bunch as install source

Bunch offers a new and effective way for players to discover your game through their friends. If you already use an attribution platform like Adjust; you can easily track how Bunch users perform in your game.

As you can see in the video above, Bunch users can discover and install your game while still video chatting with their friends; without having to go to an app store. Behind the "Download Game" button in Bunch, there is a deep link that can open the game with optional parameters that drives Bunch users into the same multiplayer session inside your game - as described in


How to track Bunch players using Adjust

Using Adjust you can easily track how the cohorts of users coming from Bunch perform in your game.

  • First, make sure your game is already set up with Adjust for attribution
  • Confirm that reattribution via deep link function is implemented into the SDK (Guide for iOS, Guide for Android)
  • Create a Bunch tracker in the Adjust console
    • Go to Settings → Trackers → New Tracker
      • Tracker Name = Bunch
      • Network = Bunch (if available)

A Tracker Id will be created beside that. Copy that and send to us


In this case its j8f011x

Once all that is set up, Bunch will append this tracker id into the deep link that launches your game. Here is an example of what that would look like:


If you are using other attribution platforms

We are working on adding support for other deep link tracking and attribution platforms like and Appsflyer. If you are using these or any other platform - please email your account manager at Bunch; or let us know here and we'll work on prioritizing it.