Optimizing your game


Once your Game Hub is set up on Bunch, people will start to discover and attempt to play your game together with their friends. Typically, when someone opens a game, they land on the game's home screen. This works well in single player context, but not necessarily in the context of multiple people connected in the same Bunch party who intend to play the game together - as they now need to find and connect to each other inside the game and figure out how to start a multiplayer session to play together. This creates friction and if it takes too long or is too hard to do - the party may even end up leaving the game they wanted to play, and choose another game instead. Allowing all people in the party to instantly play together when they open your game from Bunch is what we refer to as optimizing your game for Bunch traffic.

Brawl Stars Example

Note how Bunch can drop players who are together in a party, into the same game session on Brawl Stars.
Note how Bunch can drop players who are together in a party, into the same game session on Brawl Stars.

In the example above you can see a party of two people inside the Bunch app who decided to play Brawl Stars together. Each of them taps on the "I'm Ready" button which opens the Brawl Stars game. Because Brawl Stars optimized their game for Bunch traffic, the app immediately takes both players to the same multiplayer session in the game - as you can see the second player's character pops up shorty after launching Brawl Starts and together the friends are immediately able to start playing together.

How does it work?

Your game needs to support deep linking to allow your players to create and join the same game session with their friends.

Some games make it possible for players to play together by entering a "room code". Deep linking works quite similar to this; but instead of having players navigate to a particular screen in your game and manually enter the code, they can simply open a deep link with the room code attached to it and be taken directly to the appropriate screen in the game.


To make optimizing games for Bunch traffic as easy as possible, we designed several options for how to do it, to best accommodate how multiplayer session invites are already implemented in your game.

To learn more about available options see