Developer Portal (deprecated)

Developer Portal (deprecated)

What is Bunch Developer Platform?

Bunch is a party app, and developer platform for multiplayer games. It allows players to party up with friends over voice and video chat, and play your game anytime, anywhere. Using the Bunch developer platform you can make it easier for players to discover and play your game through Bunch; and bring the Bunch social layer (including voice and video) into your own games - for free.

Below you can find a 7 minute narrated overview of the Bunch app and developer platform.

How does Bunch Platform work?

1. Setting up Your Game on Bunch

Nothing required on your end

Setting up your Game Hub enables Bunch users to discover, install and play your game with their friends. It doesn't require any work from the game developer, as we're able to create a Bunch Game Hub for most games publicly available in app stores.

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2. Optimize Your Game for Traffic from Bunch

No SDK or Design Changes Required

Once your game is set up on Bunch, players can start discovering and playing it with friends. We recommend that you follow our simple optimization guidelines so that players can seamlessly switch from the Bunch app into the same session in your game, and play together right away. Optimizing your game for Bunch traffic does not require any SDK integration or design changes.

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3. Integrate Bunch into Your Game

Possible to integrate with or without SDK

Finally, the Bunch Platform provides several ways to integrate Bunch party experience directly into the game, either by using our deep linking protocol to enable players to start or join party in Bunch app, or by integrating Bunch SDK to embed the entire Bunch party experience in the game, enabling players to start or join party without having to leave the game or even have the Bunch app installed on the device.

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What is Bunch Overlay?

Once you setup your game hub on Bunch (step 1), players will experience the Bunch Overlay after they launch into your game from our app. This allows players to continue to video chat while they are in your game and have access to functionality such as muting mic or cam. The Bunch Overlay does not interfere with the game play as it becomes translucent when nobody is talking and players can easily move it off the screen and bring it back.

Bunch Overlay is currently only available on Android devices due to iOS limitations. However, on iOS devices, your players can still use voice chat while Bunch is running in the background. Integrating
Bunch SDK
enables the full party experience (voice and video chat) embedded inside the game, both on iOS and Android.

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